The virus is transmitted mainly during sexual intercourse

Scientists are beginning to learn more about monkeypox and can now identify specific symptoms, after several months of the outbreak. They confirm one thing: monkeypox is transmitted mainly during sexual intercourse. Three months after the start of the epidemic, nearly 28,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide and the first deaths are beginning to be reported. … Read more

vaccination is slipping “for lack of arms, not for lack of doses”

Published on : 08/10/2022 – 07:07 Despite the opening of 153 vaccination centers against monkeypox in France, the campaign is slipping and appointments remain difficult to win. The Ministry of Health has decided to launch this Wednesday the experimentation of vaccination in five pharmacies. The government wants to step up the pace. If 153 vaccination … Read more

the table specifies the symptoms and the transmission

AFP, published on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 08:19 How is monkeypox transmitted? Are there any symptoms specific to the current outbreak? After several months of the epidemic, we are beginning to learn more, with confirmation: the current contaminations are mainly linked to sexual intercourse. Three months after the start of the epidemic, nearly 28,000 … Read more

Paralytic polio case confirmed, concern of hundreds of virus infections in New York

The American health authorities warn the population about the presence of this strain and invite vaccination. The disease that was supposed to have been eradicated in some countries has reappeared. Certain viral strains have been identified in certain countries such as the United Kingdom, Pakistan, in Africa… And the United States is concerned about possible … Read more

in Marseille, the vaccination slots in pharmacies against monkey pox are taken by storm

In the back of the shop, behind the counter, Julien, the pharmacist, takes inventory: “The vaccines, we received them this morning”. His pharmacy, in the 6th arrondissement of Marseille, is one of five pharmacies in France – in Paris, Fréjus, Lille and Marseille – to be able to inject doses of monkeypox vaccines to people … Read more

Top 10 horrible things that will happen without a coral reef

I wouldn’t want to drag your spirits down, but the news isn’t good (for a change). Coral reefs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are not doing well at all, according to a new study, conducted by the United Nations. If global warming is not brought under control quickly, they will simply cry out in heat … Read more

in Brazil, primates attacked because suspected of having a link with the disease

The World Health Organization has been forced to recall that “the transmission” of the virus currently observed “occurs between humans”. Article written by Posted on 08/09/2022 21:12 Reading time : 1 min. They are the collateral victims of the epidemic. The World Health Organization was forced to recall, Tuesday, August 9, that the monkeypox epidemic … Read more

In Brazil, primates stoned because of monkey pox

Collateral victims… If the current epidemic of monkeypox is transmitted between humans, the primates, incriminated in the name of the disease, have become a target for some. The World Health Organization thus deplored on Tuesday that primates could have been attacked in Brazil. “People need to know that the transmission we’re seeing now is between … Read more