Paris: A new electric bike service is coming

The company is called Dance and wants to provide a new free-floating electric bike offer to develop the use of soft mobility in Paris. In a context where 8 out of 10 French city dwellers say they are reluctant to own their own bike and while 91% of cyclists have already been faced with unforeseen maintenance costs*, Dance thus breaks down two major barriers.

“Since day one, Dance has aimed to help create a global movement for the development of safer and more livable cities, by providing a flexible and convenient way to get around”, says Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, CEO and co-founder of Dance. “And with regard to the expansion of cycling infrastructure, all the good reasons to do without the car in Paris and a proactive European policy to create more sustainable cities, we are convinced that initiatives such as Dance will find their place in a market with immense potential and will encourage more people to opt for a mode of soft mobility”, adds Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss.

Connected electric bikes

Availability and prices

Both models work through the Dance mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Among other things, it allows subscribers to easily lock and unlock their bike remotely and to schedule maintenance or repairs in less than 24 hours directly from the application. It also provides access to personalized and useful data, in real time, such as distance traveled, speed and travel time, while estimating the CO2 that would have been generated if the user had chosen a car instead. All Dance bikes are compatible with certain essential accessories such as child seats.

Each new member of Dance receives with their bike a battery charger, a lock and a smartphone holder to attach directly to the handlebars.

Introductory prices are applied for all new customers:

● From €49/month for an annual subscription or €69/month for a non-binding subscription.

Then, the classic prices will be reactivated at the end of 2022:

● From €59/month for an annual subscription or €79/month for a non-binding subscription.

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