Press: Google would have signed an agreement to remunerate 300 publishers in Europe

Google will soon present a new strategy vis-à-vis the press sector and the content included in its sections such as Google News. According to information from Reuters, the company has signed an agreement to pay 300 publishers in six European countries, including France. A tool allowing other organizations to join the program would also be in the cards.

Google News app.

For years, Google has been under pressure to pay for links from press publications such as those found in Google News or in search results. In France, a law instituted in 2019 called “neighbouring rights” allows newspapers and magazines to be paid when the major platforms reuse their content.

To date, we have agreements covering over 300 national, local and specialist news publications in Germany, Hungary, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Ireland, with many more discussions underway. ”, explains the company in a blog post seen by Reuters and which should be published soon.

Publishers who have not been able to chat with Google will have to wait for the arrival of a new tool to simplify the process, which will first be available in Germany and Hungary, then in other EU countries “ over the next few months “. The text does not specify the amount of remuneration for publishers.

The issue of article recovery is a tricky business for Google. Australia and Canada also passed laws requiring it to pay publishers, while the company had to take out the checkbook in France. At the start of 2021, it agreed to pay just over 62 million euros over the next three years to a group of press publishers.


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