production of the Optimus robot will begin in 2023

During the Tesla Cyber ​​Rodeo, Elon Musk reviewed the progress of his Optimus project, the robot that promises to revolutionize our daily lives. According to the billionaire, the latter could go into production as early as next year, if the conditions are favorable. The boss also reminds that the Tesla Bot will be used to do everything that humans do not want to do.

“He will be able to do everything that humans don’t want to do. He will do it. » This is Elon Musk’s promise regarding the Tesla Bot, announced at the Cyber ​​Rodeo event. The conference, serving as the inauguration for the GigaFactory in Berlin, was also the occasion for the firm to make a number of announcements, starting with the official launch of the Cybertruck for 2023.

A year that promises to be busy for Tesla, since the company has therefore also taken the opportunity to give news of its Optimus project. First unveiled in August 2021, production of the assistant robot could start as early as next year. ” With a bit of luck “, however cautiously specifies Elon Musk. A caution that stops here, because the businessman is full of praise for his robot.

Elon Musk promises that the Tesla Bot will revolutionize our society

“It will upset our idea of ​​what the economy is,” he declares without hesitation. “He will bring about an era of abundance. It may be hard to imagine, but when you see Optimus grow, it will transform the world to an even greater degree than cars. “. Elon Musk even indulges in a small reference to Terminator, assuring that the robot will be ” safe “.Reassuring.

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Earlier this year, Elon Musk said Project Optimus could become the current leader in artificial intelligence. Andrej Karpathy, director of AI at Tesla, confirmed adding that the robot is on the verge of becoming the most powerful artificial intelligence in the world. With production about to start, it shouldn’t take long to get a glimpse of its capabilities. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

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