Purchasing power: Bercy wants to facilitate the termination of insurance contracts

The government wants to strengthen competition in the insurance market in order to support the purchasing power of the French. After receiving insurers last week to invite them to the ” tariff moderation » on damage and health insurance contributions, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire is preparing new measures within the framework of the purchasing power bill which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on July 6, learned Agefi from a source familiar with the matter.

According to this same source, the government would exclude for the time being from acting on the contributions of insurers, who highlighted last week the weight of inflation on their technical profitability, the increase in the cost of natural disasters in damages and the cost of 100% health for complementary health insurance. On the other hand, it wishes to facilitate the termination of insurance contracts in order to allow consumers not to renew their contracts or to opt more easily for a less expensive insurer.

Easy online termination

According to our information, an article of the bill relating to purchasing power should establish a termination in a few clicks ” easily, directly and permanently » for insurance contracts that have been taken out online. Online termination will not replace the traditional termination methods by post, but it must be offered to policyholders who have taken out their contract online. ” If this measure is adopted, it will first affect insurers who have generalized online subscription, and first and foremost, bank insurers remarks a market source.

In order to stimulate competition for the benefit of consumers, the Hamon law introduced the infra-annual termination of damage insurance contracts (car and home). A logic that was subsequently extended to complementary health contracts, and borrower insurance with the Bourquin law, recently supplemented by the Lemoine law. But customers who want to take advantage of these laws to change insurer sometimes come up against administrative difficulties in terminating their contracts, they lament. By facilitating their termination, Bercy therefore wants “fight against artificial contract extensions”says a close source.

While a new meeting is scheduled with insurers in mid-July, the government could subsequently table new amendments during the examination of the bill which should be presented in committee on July 11. According to our information, he would also consider acting on the implementation of 100% health by opticians, while the latter tend to offer frames that are not included in the 100% health basket and present a higher remaining charge for the insured.


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