Risk of traffic jam at the technical control, Renault leaves Russia, Tesla opens its factory in Berlin… the JT Auto

We start this JT Auto with good news that concerns all motorists. For the first time this year, fuel prices are down slightly. According to figures published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, diesel lost 16 euro cents per liter on average in mid-March and SP95-E10 gasoline nearly 10 cents. While prices at the pump have fallen back below the 2 euro per liter mark, petrol remains very expensive – at levels well above those at the end of February – and could even start rising again in the coming weeks. Pending the discount of 15 cents per liter promised by the government from April 1, the actions of distributors have multiplied lately. Last example to date: Auchan which offers a voucher of 6 euros for any tank of more than 30 liters of fuel on March 25-26 and April 1-2.

Renault leaves Russia

Under pressure from Ukrainian leaders, Renault finally decided to suspend its activities in Russia. In a press release, the manufacturer said it was now evaluating the possible options concerning its stake in its Russian partner – Avtovaz – while “acting responsibly towards its 45,000 employees in Russia”. A blow for the Diamond brand, while Russia is its second largest market in the world, behind Europe. Last year, the group produced nearly 500,000 vehicles including the Lada brand.

Tesla opens its factory in Germany

If Renault leaves Russia, Tesla arrives in Europe. The American brand inaugurated its new “Gigafactory” factory in Berlin in the presence of the big boss, Elon Musk. The first customers were even able to take possession of their Model Y SUV, the only model produced on this site at present.

For its part, Suzuki is taking off. The Japanese brand has entered into a partnership with another Japanese company – SkyDrive – specializing in the development of flying cars. The first model of its kind – electric and with two seats – should be tested in 2025 at the Universal Exhibition in Osaka, Japan.

Traffic jam in sight in the technical control centers

In this JT Auto, we also come back to the warning issued by the technical control professionals. Because of the first confinement in the spring of 2020 and the deadlines granted to motorists at the time, they fear a large peak in attendance in garages before the summer holidays. “Don’t wait for the summer holidays to take it,” warns Karine Bonnet, Dekra’s general manager.

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