Selling insurance online: some proposed changes

Take out insurance online, few customers take the plunge. However, in the context of digitization, insurance players must take up the task of convincing their prospects, in particular by drawing inspiration from the customer journey in other sectors.

Why customers do not subscribe online? First, insurance products are complex to understand for the average customer. Second, many customers have had bad experiences when getting paid out. However, where insurance fails is not just in its complexity or poor reputation, but in its customer experience (CX) shortcomings compared to other industries, especially when it comes to online sales.

Who are the potential customers?

The profile of potential insurance customers has changed over the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic has popularized online shopping, even among those who were not used to doing everything on the Internet. Additionally, Generation Z is coming into the market. This younger generation has grown up with a mobile phone in hand and therefore has very high expectations for the online shopping experience. If insurers do not address this issue quickly, this large group of potential customers could simply turn to Insurtechs.

According to a Deloitte report, which compared customer experience at different stages of the customer journey across eight industries in six different countries, insurance companies have the most room for improvement. From the very first stages of the process, namely when it comes to finding the right product.

Challenges for the insurance sector

It is high time to understand that insurance customers do not live like hermits. They shop online daily and their expectations are only increasing. In order to close the current gap, insurers need to understand that they “compete not only with other companies in the sector, but also with other sectors” (Deloitte).

Thus, as part of the digitization of insurance processes, it makes sense to draw inspiration from the customer experience as planned in other sectors. At Comarch, we operate in different sectors, for example retail, financial services and loyalty programs. Drawing on our diverse expertise, we design all of our insurance solutions with the highest standards of user and customer experience in mind, to deliver the best possible customer journey.


Katarzyna Boniecks, Business Development Manager

Katarzyna Boniecka is Business Development Manager at Comarch. It deals with IT solutions for insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions in the DACH region. Katarzyna studied abroad and has experience in consulting obtained at KPMG Deal Advisory, within the Transaction Services department.

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