Standard Cybertruck and Roadster on pre-order

During the inauguration of a new giga-factory in Texas, Tesla confirmed the arrival of the Roadster, Cybertruck and Semi in 2023.

On Saturday April 9, Elon Musk celebrated with great fanfare the opening of the new Gigafactory factory in Texas. true to himself, the whimsical leader arrived wearing a cowboy hat and black sunglasses. Right in the theme for its event, called Cyber ​​Rodeo. To celebrate the inauguration of the largest factory in the world, (1.2 km long and 400 m wide), the CEO of Tesla gave some indications on the future.

First appearance of the production Cybertruck

Elon Musk said the factory will welcome new models from next year. “ In 2022 we are focused on growing production, but 2023 will be the year we expand our offerings. We will have the Cybertruck, the Semi and even the Roadster “, he launched. The Cybertruck also made a quick appearance during the presentation, in its standard version.

The production model, long awaited, is revealed with a few small changes. In particular, we discover large square mirrors, affixed to the front doors, traditional tires or even a reworked windshield with a shorter bonnet. On the other hand, the model still does not have handles. According to Musk, the vehicle doesn’t need it because the doors open directly as the owner and their passengers approach. It remains to be seen how this system will work in real life. Marketing will take place in the course of 2023.

The Roadster available for pre-order…

The Tesla Roadster was originally scheduled to go on sale in 2020, having first been introduced in 2017. But five years later, it’s still not in the catalog. The boss of the Californian brand gives us hope, however, since marketing should finally take place in 2023. Obviously, pre-orders are already open, with exorbitant prices to say the least.

The reservation of the model requires a first installment of €4,000 to be paid by credit card, followed by a second installment of €39,000 by bank transfer within ten days. The manufacturer clarifies that reservations are not final until payment by bank transfer has been received, and that payment is fully refundable. Thus, you have to pay €43,000 just to reserve your Roadster, without knowing what its final price will be and its delivery date…

Photos: Youtube screenshots (Tesla channel)

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