Swiss Life AM launches real estate unit of account

The management company Swiss Life AM announced Thursday, April 14 the launch of a civil company with variable capital. Called ESG Tendances Pierre, this new vehicle will be available exclusively as a unit of account (UC) on life insurance and capitalization contracts.

The strategy of ESG Tendances Pierre is based on three key themes:

– Offices (assets corresponding to post-covid rental demand or allowing reconfiguration, coworking, etc.);

– Residential (hotels, healthcare, student residences, etc.);

– Logistic.

To implement this strategy, the management team will rely on teams dedicated to each type of asset: healthcare, student residences, shops, offices, hotels, camping, etc.

It will also make a selection of SCPIs corresponding to the investment strategy of civil society. The purpose of the selection will be “diversification both geographically and by sector and optimization of the risk-return ratio”, indicates Swiss Life AM in a press release, specifying that the vehicle will also integrate ESG extra-financial criteria and aims to obtain the SRI Label.

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