map of France and prices

With 30,000 superchargers worldwide, Tesla’s charging network is one of the great strengths of the young American brand. Thanks to it, owners of Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X can access dozens of fast charging stations in France distributed throughout the country, with powers climbing up to 250 kW, without needing the … Read more

Tesla Model Y (2022). The more expensive electric SUV deprived of bonuses

In Europe and China, Tesla prices rose 5%. The increase even climbs to 10% in the United States. The reason ? The American manufacturer is suffering from the conflict in Ukraine. In addition to the additional cost of raw materials such as aluminum, used in the bodywork, or nickel and lithium, which are found in … Read more

A Tesla Model S with 1.5 million kilometers on the clock

Hansj√∂rg von Gemmingen-Hornberg, a German citizen, is a fan of powerful, high-speed cars. Very big roller. But that doesn’t stop him from being drawn to electric cars. Also, in 2009, after having covered more than 600,000 km in his Mercedes 500 E, he offered himself a Tesla Roadster. Since then, the man has been setting … Read more