the king of silence?

9:38 a.m. by Joris Marin / photo credit: Sweet FM Founded in 2003 by a group of engineers, the Tesla car brand is today the world leader in the electric market. But, she is not the queen of communication. Meeting with the president of the Tesla France club, who is from Calvados. If there is … Read more

Tesla factory accused of racial segregation in California – Liberation

A California state agency has sued Tesla for racial discrimination. The electric vehicle manufacturer is accused of “racial segregation” in the workplace. Insults, altercations… Up to a hundred times a day. A California state agency has sued Tesla, the firm run by billionaire Elon Musk, for racial discrimination, accusing the electric carmaker of “racial segregation” … Read more

Elon Musk secures $7 billion more funding for Twitter takeover

The businessman obtained funds from Sequoia Capital but also from the Binance cryptocurrency platform. Elon Musk has obtained the support of other major investors to finance the 44 billion dollars needed to buy the social network Twitter. In a stock market filing released Thursday, the entrepreneur says he secured $7.1 billion in funding, in addition … Read more

Tesla recalls nearly 500,000 vehicles over trunk issues

Published on : 30/12/2021 – 19:07 Due to problems with car trunks, electric vehicle maker Tesla has initiated a recall in the United States of nearly half a million Model 3s and Model S. Electric vehicle maker Tesla has initiated a recall of nearly half a million Model 3s and Model S models in the … Read more

Elon Musk sold several million Tesla shares on Tuesday and Wednesday, earning him $4 billion

To finance the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk has pledged to contribute up to 21 billion dollars of personal contribution, the rest being financed by debt. Many investors are wondering about the actual completion of this operation. Elon Musk sold, Tuesday April 26 and Wednesday April 27, just over 4.4 million Tesla shares, of which … Read more

Elon Musk causes scandal again by publicly criticizing Twitter executives

Several voices were raised to describe the behavior of the billionaire as “harassment”. Elon Musk, who has just made an agreement to buy Twitter, criticized and publicly mocked executives of the Californian company, arousing anger when many employees already seem worried about the idea of ​​​​being directed by the boss of Tesla. After supporting a … Read more

billionaire Elon Musk inaugurates a new Tesla mega-factory in Texas

American entrepreneur Elon Musk inaugurated a new Tesla factory called “Giga Texas” in Austin on Thursday, in a pharaonic atmosphere and decor. The factory covers an area equivalent to a hundred football pitches. It is Tesla’s fifth mega-factory, after those in Nevada, New York, Shanghai and Berlin. Invitations by the thousands, a boss adored by … Read more

Tesla wants to block the seat of its drivers for 5 minutes if they use this option too often in their car

Hacker @greentheonly reported one of his findings on Twitter: Tesla may be limiting how often its seats are readjusted. This young man has specialized in the search for surprising information. “I report what I see. If it’s good, it’s good; if it’s bad, it’s bad. It’s not up to me. Make them release more awesome … Read more