Salvadorans are hunkering down

AFP, published on Friday, May 27, 2022 at 09:23 The dollar value of bitcoin has shrunk by almost half since it acquired in El Salvador in September 2021, like the dollar, the status of legal tender: Salvadorans have become accustomed to hunkering down under the storm. The law still obliges merchants to accept bitcoin as … Read more

CONCORDIA resists the crisis and once again gives its policyholders the benefit …

26.04.2022 – 07:00 CONCORDIA Lucerne (ots) From a financial point of view, the Covid-19 pandemic had a considerable impact in 2021. There is a noticeable increase in costs in the area of ​​basic insurance. Over the year as a whole, expenditure on benefits per insured person increased by 7.2% in compulsory healthcare insurance (AOS), a … Read more

Big companies are groping in the field of cryptocurrencies

AFP, published on Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 11:08 am Four years ago, fast-food chain KFC tweeted from its Canadian account that it would allow bitcoin as payment for its chicken buckets. The company told AFP that the ad campaign was a joke that only lasted an hour and that it hasn’t received any payment … Read more