Elon Musk will open his first restaurant in Hollywood and you can watch movies on the big screen while charging your Tesla

Yet another madness from Elon Musk. Reported by US media ElectrekTesla gave a detailed report to the city of Los Angeles regarding a drive-in project. Tesla’s first drive-in If the term drive-in does not mean anything to you, it is a concept which, as its name suggests, makes you drive in. On site, a car … Read more

Easter: The benefits of chocolate on your mental and physical health, according to science

EASTER – On this Easter Monday, it’s not the time to skip chocolate. Because stimulation of the brain and memory, or even a reduction in the risk of depression are all phenomena that have been demonstrated by scientific studies. In May 2016, researchers from the universities of Adelaide, Australia, Maine, USA and the Luxembourg Health … Read more

This additive modifies the microbiota

A very common additive, E415, which serves as a thickener could be digested by certain bacteria in our microbiota. The health implications are still unknown at this time. You may also be interested [EN VID√ČO] The intestinal microbiota, a precious ally for our health In the body, there are different microbiota: that of the skin, … Read more