RCS in Google Messages also knows how to increase spam

RCS, this drastic improvement in the possibilities of SMS/MMS promoted by Google, can turn into a veritable ad trap, as users in India have observed, with few means of protecting themselves against it. By using RCS (Rich Communication Services), the Google Messages app wants to modernize SMS/MMS by adding “chat features” that have become common … Read more

Google changes its mind and offers G Suite users to keep their account free

Change of plan at Google: while the company had announced at the beginning of the year the end of the free G Suite offer and above all the obligation to switch to a new paid Workspace offer or to abandon its Google account, it offers ultimately it is up to individuals not to change anything. … Read more

Kenya, land of plenty for Google in Africa

Published on : 05/16/2022 – 00:38 Google announced on April 19 that it has chosen Nairobi to set up its first product development center on the continent. Already last October, the information giant announced a $1 billion investment plan to finance digital projects in Africa over the next five years. Google also already has a … Read more

Alphabet (GOOGL) stock could attempt a rebound from its support at $2200

Alphabet Stock May Rebound From Short-Term Support At $2,200 Shares of Google’s parent company, Alphabet (GOOGL), have corrected sharply in recent weeks on the back of rising bond yields and risk aversion caused by tougher health restrictions in China and fears growing recession in the United States. The title Google could however try to rebound … Read more

Nearly 1.5 million apps could disappear from App Store and Google Play

In a recent report, the firm Pixalate, indicates that more than 1.5 million applications from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have not been updated for 2 years and more. They could suffer serious repercussions very soon. Apple should remove many applications soon On the Google Play Store, applications older than 2 … Read more

Discover the most asked question about love on Google – LINFO.re

“How do you know if you are in love?” is the question most asked by Internet users who use Google, the most used search engine in the world. On Google, the undisputed world leader in web searches, is highly sought after on countless diverse and varied topics, including love. THE most asked question about love … Read more

How Google, Apple and Microsoft want to get rid of passwords

The three tech giants have agreed to build a system to authenticate without a password. The ordeal of passwords could end within a year: Google, Apple and Microsoft announced Thursday an agreement to build a system allowing authentication without having to memorize a series of cabalistic signs. “With the new feature, consumers will be able … Read more

The Karma search engine, an ethical and ecological alternative to Google

Alternative search engines seduce with their more responsible and committed proposals. For each search carried out, Karma Search offers to donate half of the income to an association working to safeguard biodiversity. Launched in 2022, Karma Search offers a new search engine with an impact on the environment. Each research helps to generate income for … Read more

a “highly questionable” installation in Bissen

A change of strategy of Google, supposed to settle in Bissen, was mentioned. But concerns about water and electricity consumption at the gigantic data center remain. The intervention of the Minister of Economy Franz Fayot in the Chamber of Deputies, Wednesday May 4, about the installation of a Google data center in Bissen, during which … Read more