The essential of the week: last straight line for the 2022 tax return! Borrower insurance becomes cancellable at any time with the Lemoine law. Strong collection of SCPIs in 2022. Soon the end of the ceiling of 38 euros for restaurant tickets.

(Photo credits: Adobe Stock – ) The last deadline for filing the 2021 tax return is approaching. The procedure for the right to a bank account is simplified from June 13, 2022. SCPIs recorded a 55% increase in their net inflows over one year in the first quarter of 2022. Borrower insurance for loan offers … Read more

Home insurance: why prices vary by region?

The price of home insurance can vary significantly from region to region Photo credit: Shutterstock The prices of home insurance vary according to several criteria, including that of geographical location. Differences can be significant from region to region. Which regions have the highest premiums? And those where, on the contrary, they remain below the national … Read more

Life insurance and SRI: which labels to watch?

In the context of life insurance, the responsible investment offer is expanding photo credit: GettyImages For investors, the search for performance can be associated with “extra-financial” objectives. So-called “responsible” Collective Investment Schemes (UCIs) take into account Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. In recent years, they have multiplied, but without always convincing with regard to … Read more

SCPI, OPCI, SCI assurance vie: in 2021, unlisted real estate funds will return to their pre-crisis performance

ASPIM and IEIF, reference bodies for the unlisted real estate market, have published performance statistics for SCPIs, OPCIs and SCIs of life insurance contracts for the year 2021. According to the new indicator to measure performance, the SCPI distribution rate is 4.45%. A new indicator to measure the performance of SCPIs The ASPIM and the … Read more

Borrower insurance: what is the purpose of the non-smoker declaration?

The non-smoking statement should not be overlooked (Photo credits: Unsplash – Mathew MacQuarrie) Specific point of the health questionnaire that you will often have to fill in to take out mortgage loan insurance, the non-smoker declaration is one of the key elements that allows the insurance company to establish a proposal for insurance coverage. The … Read more

CNP Assurances: a new Deputy Chief Executive Officer – 06/02/2022 at 17:35

( – Thomas Béhar has been appointed Deputy CEO and second effective manager of CNP Assurances as of July 1, 2022. He will succeed Xavier Larnaudie-Eiffel. He is currently Group Chief Financial Officer of CNP Assurances and a member of the Executive Committee since 2019. ‘ Having held leading responsibilities within CNP Assurances for 20 … Read more

Bitcoin: the Gemini platform accused of lies about one of its financial products – 06/03/2022 at 08:51

The US regulator believes that the company knowingly withheld information about the possibility of manipulating the closing prices of its financial product. And this, while she wanted, by this decision, to regulate Bitcoin more generally. The Bitcoin logo at La maison du Bitcoin in Paris in 2018. (AFP / GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT) A US … Read more

Borrower insurance: how to properly complete your health questionnaire?

The health questionnaire is often a mandatory step to take out borrower insurance (Photo credits: Unsplash – Hush Naidoo Jade Photography) Although it is not mandatory, most insurance companies ask you to complete a medical questionnaire when you take out a mortgage loan insurance contract. A step that is often overlooked and yet far from … Read more

Ardian takes a stake in insurance broker Odealim

The management company Ardian joins the American fund TA Associates in the capital of the French insurance broker Odealim, specializing in the real estate market, she announced on Wednesday. This equal investment between the two main shareholders “will allow the company to move on to the next phase of its development by creating an integrated … Read more

Retirement savings plan, life insurance: more readable management costs from this Wednesday

Investors and savers will be able to compare retirement savings plans and life insurance products more easily. Drawing. (Pxhere) From Wednesday June 1, investors will be able to compete more easily in terms of retirement savings plans and life insurance. The distributors of these investments will now be forced to display on their site a … Read more