a French researcher suspected of scientific fraud. What does this imply for the disease?

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Follow these 8 health indicators to have a healthy heart!

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Doomed By Breast Cancer, Woman Miraculously Cures After Clinical Trial

His doctors only gave him a year to live. A 51-year-old Briton with breast cancer thwarted pessimistic forecasts by attempting a clinical trial in October 2019, reports The Independent. A winning bet: his cancer disappeared. In November 2017, this mother had been diagnosed particularly aggressive breast cancer, spreading “to the lungs, rib cage and lymph … Read more

Treating cancers according to their genetic abnormalities and no longer according to the organ

DECRYPTION – An innovative therapy has been tested on tumors of the breast, pancreas, and nearly twenty other locations. Have a tumor of the salivary glands or pancreas and be offered licensed therapy for bladder cancers. If the approach may surprise at first glance, it is increasingly widespread for the management of certain oncological patients. … Read more

This clinical cancer trial has “spectacular” results, but…

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Alzheimer’s, the most famous dementia

AFP, published on Thursday, June 02, 2022 at 5:34 p.m. Alzheimer’s disease is the most well-known and widespread dementia, with no treatment currently available to cure or prevent it. She sees the patient irreparably losing his memory and his capacity for judgment, during an evolution which generally takes several years. At least 30 million people … Read more

new opportunities to seize to negotiate and save money

The Lemoine law, the measures of which come into force on 1er June for new loan offers, and the 1er September for all current contracts, acknowledges the possibility for borrowers to terminate their credit insurance at any time. The borrower insurance required by banks when taking out a mortgage is expensive. Its amount can sometimes … Read more