in Lyon, insurance companies are recruiting young people on work-study programs

The Insurance sector in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, a committed and mobilized actor in favor of training and employment of young people! By the nature of its business, insurance contributes to local economic dynamism. Through their various commitments, insurers contribute to the improvement of the living environment in their territory. The Insurance sector in AuRA is also through … Read more

CONCORDIA resists the crisis and once again gives its policyholders the benefit …

26.04.2022 – 07:00 CONCORDIA Lucerne (ots) From a financial point of view, the Covid-19 pandemic had a considerable impact in 2021. There is a noticeable increase in costs in the area of ​​basic insurance. Over the year as a whole, expenditure on benefits per insured person increased by 7.2% in compulsory healthcare insurance (AOS), a … Read more