Should you renegotiate your borrower insurance?

From June 1, it is possible to change insurer at any time. The reform will strengthen competition between banks and insurers. How to change contract. New deal for holders of a mortgage. From June 1, they can change borrower insurance (compulsory in the context of a mortgage) at any time and free of charge. The … Read more

Why and how to change loan insurance?

You may not know it, but you can change loan insurance at any time during your loan. If it is sometimes unknown to borrowers, this practice nevertheless has a number of advantages. Do you feel a little lost? Discover all our answers and solutions to save money. You will also be interested You have heard … Read more

The French will be able to terminate their borrower insurance at any time

This reform, which comes into force on June 1, will strengthen competition between banks and insurers. It took about ten years for the reform of borrower insurance to succeed. It is now done. From this 1er June, French people taking out a mortgage will be able to change insurer at any time, free of charge. … Read more

More accessible borrower insurance for the sick

To enable people who have suffered from cancer or hepatitis C to obtain a mortgage more quickly and thus reduce the cost of their loan, their conditions of access to borrower insurance have just been relaxed. In most cases, it is necessary to take out borrower insurance to secure a mortgage. In order to help … Read more

how to compete?

OUR ADVICES – A new system will soon allow you to renegotiate your insurance at any time. The only obligation will be to present a new contract with guarantees equivalent to the old one. Despite the rise in rates, the monthly contribution paid to insure your mortgage still often exceeds the cost of interest. To … Read more

new opportunities to seize to negotiate and save money

The Lemoine law, the measures of which come into force on 1er June for new loan offers, and the 1er September for all current contracts, acknowledges the possibility for borrowers to terminate their credit insurance at any time. The borrower insurance required by banks when taking out a mortgage is expensive. Its amount can sometimes … Read more