Life insurance, a privileged instrument for the transmission of assets

The insured can freely choose the beneficiaries of his life insurance contract in the event of death. They will benefit from an advantageous tax regime. Christophe Vourlat, Head of Private Wealth Development at Swiss Life, explains how to do this. While there is a good chance that a possible inheritance tax reform will be implemented … Read more

A computer failure paralyzes the Health Insurance site

Users have the option of logging into their account but they are blocked when validating their work stoppage. The Health Insurance site has been accumulating computer problems since last night. According to the DownDetector site, the first reports began around 5 p.m. Wednesday and peaked at 10 a.m. on Thursday. For users, unable to log … Read more

give better with life insurance

OUR ADVICE – Well handled, life insurance is very suitable for grandparents wishing to gratify their descendants. Not so long ago, grandparents used to open an A booklet to their grandchildren, as a birth gift. With a rate of return of 1% and the return of inflation, it pales today to grow a capital over … Read more

Act now to boost your future income

OUR ADVICE – Life insurance, PER… What investments should be favored to supplement your income? Manual. It is rather good news: 57% of French people save, according to an Odoxa survey for Groupama published in September 2021, with, as their main motivation, preparing for their retirement. To be able to finance it, they intend in … Read more

how to compete?

OUR ADVICES – A new system will soon allow you to renegotiate your insurance at any time. The only obligation will be to present a new contract with guarantees equivalent to the old one. Despite the rise in rates, the monthly contribution paid to insure your mortgage still often exceeds the cost of interest. To … Read more

CNP Assurances posts net profit up 2.7% to 316 million euros

CNP Assurances announced Thursday a net profit in the first quarter up 2.7% year on year, to 316 million euros, however reduced by provisions. The group has in fact endowed theprovision for surplus participation“of 172 million euros, “out of caution” and “given the uncertainties that may arise between now and the end of the year“Commented … Read more

“Life insurance and PER are complementary investments”

To enjoy your retirement with complete peace of mind, planning ahead is key! Thus, it is advisable to start investing from the age of 40 to have additional income to your retirement pension and maintain your purchasing power. Retirement Savings Plan (PER), life insurance, real estate… Watch our digital event of May 11 in replay, … Read more

Hertz orders 100,000 Tesla electric cars

The American car rental company Hertz announced on Monday that it wants to offer a large fleet of electric vehicles to its customers and will start by ordering 100,000 units from Tesla by the end of 2022. Customers will be able to rent Tesla Model 3s from early November at major Hertz locations in the … Read more

This trick to give via life insurance, and prevent the money from being wasted

OUR ADVICE – This investment, well suited to making money grow over the long term, offers real guarantees in the use of funds. Parents or grandparents who wish to build up a woolen stocking for their children or grandchildren often turn to the Livret A to store this savings. Due to the renewed inflation, the … Read more

Termination of insurance contracts will be easier

Insurers will have to comply with the new rules from July 1, 2023. Termination and simplicity have never gone hand in hand. Alerted by the insurance mediator to the confusion and incomprehension in a number of contract termination procedures, the Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF) took up the issue by creating a working group specially … Read more