Google (finally) adds ⌘ + C / ⌘ + V shortcuts to Google Drive

Better late than never. Many years late, Google has just added several essential keyboard shortcuts to Google Drive. In particular, the classics ⌘ C / ⌘ X and ⌘ V to quickly copy, cut or paste documents finally work. Picture: Google. These are not the only shortcuts added by Google teams. ⌘ Entrée opens a … Read more

Google presents a stunning AI that transforms any text into an image

You may be familiar with, a site that generates fake selfies based on artificial intelligence from NVIDIA. Google is working on a similar but much more advanced concept called Imagen. Its operation is simple: you enter a description of a few words, and the AI ​​takes care of concocting an image for you. The … Read more

Press: Google would have signed an agreement to remunerate 300 publishers in Europe

Google will soon present a new strategy vis-à-vis the press sector and the content included in its sections such as Google News. According to information from Reuters, the company has signed an agreement to pay 300 publishers in six European countries, including France. A tool allowing other organizations to join the program would also be … Read more

Why has the number of people considering laptop insurance increased lately? 📍

The laptop is an integral part of the lives of digital nomads (or digital nomads) but also of company employees doing telework. If the latter generally have a computer provided by their employer, they can sometimes – like the digital nomads – use their own equipment. From the beginning to the end of the day, … Read more