Get rich now or stay poor forever”, the second book by Hamidou Zonga

Hamidou Zonga, Burkinabè journalist and writer, presented his second work entitled “cryptocurrencies: become rich now or remain poor forever”. The presentation took place on Thursday June 30, 2022 in Ouagadougou. What’s next after this ad After ” Foubé or the women’s crusade published in September 2021, Hamidou Zonga once again distinguished himself thanks to his … Read more

“The monopoly of Google, Amazon and Facebook is a threat to democracy”

MAINTENANCE – In The New Western, Olivier Bomsel and Rémi Devaux show how the giants of the web have become overpowered by foreclosing the market, like Rockefeller in the 19th century. Even if it means endangering the social order? Olivier Bomsel is Professor of Economics and Director of the Media and Brand Economics Chair at … Read more

Google launches a call for applications for the financing of African startups

The American computer giant, Google, has launched a call for applications for its Google for startups program. This initiative aims to facilitate access to funding for start-ups founded by Africans. What’s next after this ad Google for startups wants to bridge the existing technology gap in fundraising for startups on the African continent. For this … Read more

his vehicle is destroyed by a drunk driver, without a license or insurance

Barely a week after the start of 2022, Tristan is the victim of a road accident. On the way home, a car hits a stop forcing him to brake suddenly but not enough to avoid the shock. Three men, appearing to be drunk, get out of the car and leave without Tristan having time to … Read more