Thierry, 58, a father from Reunion with Charcot’s disease: “I have between 3 to 5 years left to live”

58-year-old Thierry has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) / Charcot’s disease. He was diagnosed a year ago, a blow for this father who loses the use of his limbs and his speech. The doctors tell him that he has between 3 and 5 years left to live. Thierry agrees to testify for This Tuesday, June … Read more

Does an article in a Reunionese daily reveal the dangers of messenger RNA vaccines, based on a forthcoming study?

Question asked on May 29, 2022 You ask us about the origin of a text relayed on social networks, the appearance of which evokes that of a press article, and presented as taken from the title the Daily of the Meeting. It would be “a warning in the form of a questioning of the terrible … Read more