Tesla has removed all references to Apple Music from its operating system

At the end of 2020, @greentheonly proved on Twitter that Tesla was testing an integration of Apple Music into its software. A year and a half later, there has still been no announcement, so we suspected that this test had not succeeded. The main interested confirm with a tweet that the manufacturer has since cleaned … Read more

Tesla has filled its order book and wants to sell fewer Model 3s for the moment

A third price increase on the Model 3 since the beginning of March took place overnight, and this one only five days after the previous one. Less than a week after adding €2,000 to the nominal rate of its cheapest car, Tesla added no less than €3,000 tonight, taking the Model 3 Propulsion to €49,990 … Read more

Tesla multiplies the openings of superchargers just before the summer holidays

Tesla announces the opening of the eight hundredth supercharger station in Europe and it is located in France, in Avignon. With its 28 fast chargers, all of which can deliver up to 250 kW to the brand’s electric cars, it symbolizes the rapid expansion of the brand’s charger network. It currently has more than 3,500 … Read more

BYD makes Tesla blush

After three years as the world’s most popular battery-powered car maker, Tesla has in recent days been forced to return that crown to one of the industry’s lesser-known but most feared brands: China’s BYD, present in Tunisia for almost a year. Half-year sales figures released on Tuesday showed BYD – short for “Build Your Dreams” … Read more

Elon Musk gives up buying Twitter and prepares for a legal battle

Elon Musk gives up on acquiring Twitter. ©Britta Pedersen / POOL / AFP Too many fake accounts? Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, told Twitter on Friday that he was ending the agreement with the board of directors to buy the social network. This choice would be linked to “false and misleading” information … Read more

A taxi driver files a complaint against Tesla France

A Parisian taxi driver, in a Tesla, caused a fatal accident in December. He filed a complaint against the car brand for “endangering the lives of others.” The driver at the wheel of a Tesla electric taxi which caused a fatal accident in December in Paris filed a complaint against the manufacturer Tesla France on … Read more

Samsung could equip the next Tesla brand cars with its cameras

Since last year, rumors of a partnership between the Korean giant and the American manufacturer of electric cars have been very persistent. 123rf Some reports have even indicated that an agreement has even been signed by the two electronic giants for Samsung to supply cameras to Tesla’s electric vehicles. Samsung has today put an end … Read more

an update that makes the adaptive suspension even more effective

You will also be interested Through its latest remote update (2022.20), You’re here introduces a brand new feature to analyze road conditions and adapt the ride height accordingly. This means that models equipped with an adaptive suspension system will be able to avoid damage linked to potholes and other gaping holes in the road. Note … Read more

Tesla worries the financial markets

Due to two months of confinement in April and May in Shanghai, Tesla’s Gigafactory did not run at full speed. Xinhua/Xinhua/ABACA The manufacturer is caught up in shortages of all kinds due to the pandemic. Quite a symbol. Tesla is no longer the world leader in electric cars. In the first half of the year, … Read more

Tesla unveils solar-powered trailer with Starlink satellite internet terminal

After the Electric Cyberquad for children, You’re here is he preparing a new surprise for us? On the occasion of the IdeenExpo exhibition being held this week in Hanover (Germany), the manufacturer of electric cars presented a trailer fitted with a set of solar panels retractable. Tesla is at the “IdeenExpo” in Hannover. They brought … Read more