Taxes, housing, inheritance, life insurance: the proposals of the main candidates for your money

Inheritance is one of the rare economic subjects on which all the contenders for the Élysée have spoken.

Some proposals advocate targeted increases in inheritance tax for the upper middle classes in the name of reducing inequality. Others are announcing cuts to boost economic activity.

The proposals of the six main candidates (listed in alphabetical order) on the very sensitive issue of inheritance and all money matters: housing, retirement, personal taxation, life insurance.

Yannick Jadot – EE-The Greens

The ecologist wants to create a climate tax

Income tax. Yannick Jadot intends to put an end to the marital quotient so that the tax is paid by individual and no longer by tax household. And review the scale: reduce the rates of the lower brackets, creation of new upper brackets. All investment income would be subject to tax at a progressive rate.

Wealth tax. A climate ISF would replace the IFI. There would in fact be two taxes: one on all assets (including professional property) from 2 million euros (progressive scale from 1% to 3%), the other from 0.5 % on real estate and financial assets, with a climate malus-bonus (more or less 0.5%).

Life insurance. The candidate of the Greens would align his regime with all the rules relating to inheritance and gift tax.

Gift and inheritance. It plans to tax the sums received by an individual exceeding a general allowance of 200,000 euros, integrating donations received throughout life, regardless of their family ties with the donors and the date of the donation. A progressive scale will be applied which will make it possible to lower taxation on small estates and increase it for the highest.

Marine Le Pen Marine Le Pen – National Rally

The candidate wants to exempt everyone under 30 from income tax

Income tax. In addition to the total tax exemption for young working people (see above), it intends to introduce a full tax share for the second child, against a half share currently. She also wants to restore the half tax share for widows and widowers.

Wealth tax. It plans to “remove the IFI which taxes rooting” and to create an IFF, financial wealth tax, to tax speculation.

Lodging. Marine Le Pen plans to introduce a zero-rate public loan (up to 100,000 euros) for young couples. “It will complete any mortgage taken out with a bank by couples whose average age is less than thirty years, and of which at least one of the two members is French.”

Gift and inheritance. Marine Le Pen proposes to “support French families”, to “remove taxes on direct inheritance for low-income families and the middle classes. And to exempt donations from parents but also from grandparents to their children and grandchildren up to 100,000 euros per child every ten years.

Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron – LaREM

Emmanuel Macron intends to get a grip on the pension issue

Retirement. Emmanuel Macron proposes a gradual postponement of the retirement age to 65 over ten years, at the rate of four more months per year until 2032. He also aims to introduce a minimum pension of 1,100 euros for full careers and the end of major special regimes.

Audiovisual royalty. It plans to remove it, in the wake of the abolition of the housing tax.

Employee savings. The LaREM candidate wants to develop a mechanism for “sharing value” in business (participation, profit-sharing, bonus). On the salary side, the “Macron bonus” (exceptional bonus for non-taxable purchasing power) would be tripled.

Gift and inheritance. At the start of 2022, the LaREM candidate indicated that he was not “one of those who think that inheritance rights should be increased, on the contrary”. Its Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, said he was ready to “consider doubling the reduction on direct line transmission from 100,000 to 200,000 euros”.

Jean Luc Melenchon Jean-Luc Mélenchon – La France insoumise

He wants to “give everyone the chance to flourish in an egalitarian society driven by fiscal, social and ecological justice”.

Income tax. Jean-Luc Mélenchon would make the income tax, the general social contribution (CSG) and even the property tax more progressive and would tax capital income like labor income. It would submit profit-sharing, profit-sharing and employee savings income to social security contributions.

Wealth tax. He would be restored.

Lodging. The rebellious candidate insists on the right to live in decent and affordable housing. It would generalize the supervision of rents, impose a license to rent and the renovation of energy sieves before any rental.

Retirement. “The successive crises are crushing retirees a little more.” It would increase the old-age contribution rate by 0.25 points per year during the five-year term, would index pensions to wages.

Gifts and inheritance He advocates a vast reform of the transmission with an overhaul of the scale to make it more progressive (with 99% of the winning population, he says). Each taxpayer would benefit from an exemption of up to 120,000 euros of inheritance but only once throughout his life. It would establish a maximum inheritance of 12 million euros

Valerie PécresseValérie Pécresse – The Republicans

Transmission is at the heart of his project.

Home employment. Valérie Pécresse wants to raise the ceilings for tax credits for home jobs, with 2,500 euros more for dependents and 1,500 euros more per child.

Wealth tax. The reduction on the main residence would increase from 30 to 50%

Life insurance. She declared loud and clear that she would not touch the life insurance tax regime (Le Figaro, January 24). It also intends to safeguard the Dutreil pact in order to facilitate the transmission of family businesses.

Retirement. The Republican candidate wants to raise the legal retirement age to 65 by 2030. And improve the purchasing power of the couple’s survivor by allowing him to receive 75% of his deceased spouse’s pension, compared to 54 % currently.

Gifts and inheritance. Possibility of giving exemption every six years against fifteen years currently, with a ceiling which would increase from 100,000 to 200,000 euros per child and 100,000 euros in indirect line. The Republican candidate promises to abolish inheritance rights for 95% of French people.

Eric Zemmour Éric Zemmour – Reconquest

The polemicist does not envisage a global overhaul of income tax. But proposes, among other things, measures to boost employee savings.

Income tax. He wants to double the ceiling of the family quotient, which would bring it to 3,000 euros for a half share (first and second children) and 6,000 euros for a share (from the third). A measure in favor of large families.

Wealth tax. It keeps the real estate wealth tax but exempts the main residence at 100%, against 30% today.

Employee savings. Éric Zemmour wants to allow “the unlocking of participation so that employees can use this money at any time” (Les Échos, February 21). He also proposes to “completely detax the participation bonus” (about 1,500 euros per year, he writes in his program) for employees and employers.

Gifts and inheritance. To “promote French production, Zemmour intends to put an end to gift and inheritance rights for the transmission of family businesses. Last December, he wrote in Le Figaro to be in favor of tax-free donations of up to 200,000 euros for each child and grandchild renewable every ten years. A proposal that does not seem to be in his program.

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