Terra Luna: The Anonymous are investigating the co-founder of Terra Do Kwon!

All enthusiasts or veterans Terra Luna holders are aware of the descent into hell of this blockchain in recent weeks. Many people have lost a lot of money with this incredible fall, and no longer believes in this project, even in the new version released recently to try to fix things.

With all this history that has conveyed a lot of doubt and hateful messages towards this blockchain, Anonymous have decided to investigate the co-founder of Terra, Do Kown. Let us now see together, the statements of the latter.

Terra Luna & Anonymous: The confrontation is on!

In a message signed by the Anonymous collective, the latter threatened toexamine Do Kwon’s behavior since he entered the world of cryptocurrency, in order to expose his alleged crimes.

“Anonymous takes a look at Do Kwon’s entire story since entering the crypto space to see what we can learn and shine a light on.

No doubt there are many more crimes to uncover on your path to destruction.”

Anonymous produced a video containing a list of Kwon’s alleged misdeedsincluding the allegation that it was taking in $80 million a month from LUNA and terraUSD (UST) before its collapse, as well as the fact that it had played a part in another algorithmic stablecoin called Basis Cashwhich also collapsed.

In this video, we find this message: “Do Kwon, if you listen, unfortunately, nothing can be done to repair the damage you have caused. At this point, the only thing we can do is hold you accountable and ensure that you are brought to justice as soon as possible.

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