Tesla: 200 jobs cut!

The American media report that the American manufacturer has cut 200 positions in California, thus closing one of its offices in San Mateo.

If Tesla, which had around 100,000 employees worldwide at the end of 2021, did not confirm the information, the American media took care of it: the American manufacturer of electric vehicles has just cut around 200 jobs in California, in San Mateo.

81 members transferred elsewhere

The affected Tesla employees were working on analyzing data from the Autopilot driver assistance system. The ‘thanked’ employees are working hourly for Tesla, Bloomberg reported, while the TechCrunch website recalls that the 81 San Mateo team members who have retained their positions at Tesla will be transferred to Buffalo, in the State of New York. Recall that the boss of Tesla, Elon Musk, said last week during an intervention at an economic summit in Qatar that 10% of full-time jobs in his group would be cut in the next three months, but that the number of employees paid by the hour would increase…

Published on 06/30/2022 Updated 06/30/2022

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