Tesla: a solar trailer to increase the autonomy of electric cars?

Tesla presented a solar electric trailer concept for the IdeanExpo in Hanover. If it is not intended to be marketed to the general public, this trailer nevertheless testifies to the avenues of work explored by the Californian manufacturer.

Different avenues possible?

Autonomy in electricity being always a major subject for manufacturers, the use of solar panels as an extender has been considered for a long time, even if their efficiency is still low. The trailer in question is able to unfold in order to extend the surface of the panels, it remains to know the possible gain with this technology.

Remember that Tesla has already indicated that it is preparing a retractable solar roof for certain vehicles and in particular the Cybertruck. It may just be a demonstrator to develop this technology.

However, we notice on a photo that the trailer is coupled to a StarLink antenna. In the end, we may simply be dealing with a portable module for the satellite Internet service provider.

Source: Techcrunch

Featured image: teslamodel3fahrer Instagram account

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