Tesla: an open beta of the Autopilot FSD planned in North America, a robotaxi soon to be launched

All US customers of the Autopilot FSD option, which should eventually allow Tesla to be fully autonomous, will be able to access the beta in 2022. Later, the brand will produce a dedicated model serving as an autonomous taxi.

Arrived at the wheel of the first generation of Tesla Roadster with a cowboy hat and sunglasses, all accompanied by the title Still DRE, Elon Musk seems to have perfectly embraced the Texan style during the Cyber ​​Rodeo event.

During this ceremony held this Thursday at its new Giga Texas factory in Austin, where the brand is now based, Tesla took stock of its progress. Among the projects mentioned, the manufacturer spoke in particular of the famous Autopilot FSD (for Full Self-Driving), or fully autonomous driving capacity, as this version is called in France.

As a reminder, the Autopilot FSD, already offered in the catalog of electric cars in the range, is sold in France for €7,500. For the moment, it brings almost nothing more than the improved Autopilot invoiced 3800 €, but it should eventually allow fully autonomous driving, with the ambition of becoming ten times safer than human driving.

In the United States, Tesla launched a beta version of the Autopilot FSD at the end of 2020, accessible only to certain drivers. In particular, it integrates the management of autonomous driving, still level 2, in urban areas. A broader rollout to all US drivers will eventually take place this year, Elon Musk has announced.

Tesla had already announced in 2020 that the Autopilot FSD in beta should be available in Norway in 2021, once deployed more widely in the United States. This deadline is obviously no longer relevant, but it’s a safe bet that Norway, an important market for Tesla, will have priority for the deployment of this beta in Europe.

A robotaxi will join the range

A model dedicated to use in “robotaxis” is also planned by Tesla, to offer autonomous taxi rides. Elon Musk simply announced that he would have a look “quite futuristic”without more information or arrival date.

In 2023, Tesla should finally deliver Cybertruck pickup, second-generation Roadster and heavy-duty Semi customers. Finally, the humanoid robot Optimus could also land next year.

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