Tesla buyers are on average 15 years younger than Citroën buyers

According to figures from Autoways, the average age of new car owners is 55.3 years. An age that is still climbing among those who buy their car directly without going through a leasing device.

New cars, prerogative of those over 50 years old. According to figures from the firm Autoways revealed this morning by The echoes, the average age of a new car buyer in France is 55.3 years. An average that climbs a little among buyers who acquire their car directly, without going through long-term rental. These buyers are then 57 years old, when the followers of leasing are a little younger, at less than 53 years old.

New cars too expensive for young people

Despite the health crisis and the shortage of chips which tend to drive up car prices, this average age of new car buyers in France has not budged, notes Autoways. This points here to a structural trend in the new home market. Cars are now too expensive for the youngest, who mainly fall back on the occasion. Or, for those with more funds, on leasing.

“The average age is lower with leasing, because this formula allows younger households with less income to take the plunge, explains in The echoes Eric Espinasse, Development Director of Autoways. This figure also includes the company cars made available to certain executives “. Executives rather in their thirties, or quadra.

Seat and Tesla buyers, youngest buyers

However, the average age of buyers is contrasted between the brands. Thus, the youngest buyers are found at Tesla, with an average age of 44.7 years. More broadly, buyers of electric cars are younger than the average buyer, also underlines Eric Espinasse, who highlights the appetite for new technologies to explain this choice.

Another “young” brand: Seat. Customers are on average a little over 46 years old, a specificity that the brand tries to cultivate.

“It’s our strength, we attract a clientele that is much younger than the market average, it’s ten years younger for Seat, it shows that we are an accessible, urban brand that makes this average so low , we try to distinguish ourselves”, confided to us on Sunday on BFM Business Robert Breckshow, the general manager of the brand for France.

Conversely (and as for several years), Citroën buyers are among the oldest. They are 61.6 years old on average, and even for a rather entry-level small car like the C3, the average age of buyers is over 60 years old.

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