Tesla factory in Shanghai closed for containment

Tesla must close its Shanghai factory for a few days because of a new wave of Covid-19 contamination. This confinement comes as Tesla’s German factory has finally become operational.

China is once again facing a wave of Covid-19 contaminations and is applying strict containment rules. Several major cities such as Shanghai have had to put their activities at a standstill. Tesla’s Chinese factory was therefore hit for the first time in March, as was a Volkswagen factory. Tesla thus had to put the Shanghai Gigafactory stopped for two days.

Two-step containment

At the end of March, the situation has not improved in Shanghai and the authorities have decided on a strict two-step containment to halt the resumption of the epidemic and test the population. The districts to the east of the Huangpu River which crosses the city will be confined between the March 28 and April 1. Tesla’s Gigafactory will therefore again be disrupted by this first period of confinement. Then it will be the turn of districts located to the west to be confined between the 1is April and April 5.

Opening in Europe

The temporary closure of the Shanghai Gigafactory comes just after Tesla finally delivered its first German-made models. On March 22, Tesla delivered the first 30 Model Y copies. manufactured in the Gigafactory in Berlin to its customers. These were the first Model Y Performances delivered in Europe.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory is Tesla’s fifth factory. Announced in November 2019its construction began quickly in the spring of 2020 but the opening was then delayed. As soon as the plant reaches full production capacity – up to 500,000 vehicles per year-there will be fewer cars to transport from the United States and China to the European continent, which will save both time and money for the group!

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