Tesla “forced” to deactivate all its cars in Russia?

Failing to physically attack Russia, the Western world preferred to hit where it hurts: the wallet. BP, Shell, CMA CGM, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, Ikea, and the majority of car manufacturers have already stopped their activities or even left the country. And that’s probably just the beginning.

Tesla has not yet revealed its intentions, but several Internet users have challenged its CEO Elon Musk on Twitter – the billionaire’s favorite means of communication – to summon him to purely and simply “disconnect” all Teslas circulating in Russia. A drastic measure that seems hard to imagine, and which would deprive thousands of Russians of their cars at a time when their economy has just reached a historic low. If the businessman has not yet reacted, Tesla has already supported the Ukrainian people by making its superchargers close to the Ukrainian border free for all, in Poland and Moldova in particular.

Disable Starlink

A few days ago, he had already been asked to disconnect his Starlink satellites, to prevent them from transmitting to Russia. An option to which he refused to submit, so as not to penalize customers who would find themselves without an internet connection.

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