Tesla: he receives a charging bill of more than 550,000 euros

608,700 dollars, or approximately 557,800 euros, is the amount of the invoice received by a Chinese from Tesla. As the CnEVPost site reports, this owner of a Model 3 expressed amazement on the Weibo social network on Saturday March 5. He says he received an alert on his mobile from the car manufacturer’s application prohibiting him from using a Tesla Supercharger for his vehicle until he paid his last bill.

Except that the debt in question is six figures when the user claims to have recharged his Model 3 for the last time, on February 27, for only 20 minutes. The recharge history that he shared on the social network seems to confirm that this Shanghai resident has also benefited from free recharge minutes since at least September 6.

Except that on February 27, the remaining 2,285 free km would have been used. And an additional bill of 608,700 dollars for 1,923,720 kWh was sent to him. This is obviously a bug in the application, which nevertheless gave this owner some cold sweats. Customer service confirmed to him that it was an error in the back systems of some vehicles and that the technicians were in the process of fixing it.

If this Chinese benefited from so many free recharges, it is certainly because he had to benefit from the old Tesla referral program. The latter offered 1,500 km of charging credit in China for new buyers and their sponsors. On September 18, 2021, Elon Musk’s firm announced the end of this program.

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