Tesla launches its own car insurance in the United States

As fuel prices continue to soar, Tesla comes out of the woods and launches very extensive car insurance for its models in the United States. Unfortunately, its price is not derisory.

You’re here never ceases to amaze. The American manufacturer, which brings rain and shine to the electric car market, recently launched insurance based on the individual behavior of the driver. If it is possible to insure your vehicle with the company owned by the genius Elon Musk since 2019 and in several states of the United States, this very specialized version of the insurance is tested in Texas since the end of last year. The Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y are affected by this formula. The American brand will not stop talking about it with this new find, that’s for sure.

An unprecedented rating based on five criteria

The policyholder’s premium may change each month according to a ” security note » which includes the number of collision warning triggers, sudden braking, cornering taken too quickly, respecting safety distances and forced disengagement of the autonomous piloting system. This data is collected directly by the vehicle. The base score will be 90/100 and this will fluctuate depending on the behavior of the driver on the road. Savings can easily be made for those who are wise behind the wheel. For example, a driver with the maximum rating will a saving of 30 euros compared to the one with “only” a score of 90/100. Tesla assured that no other parameters identical to those used by conventional insurance companies will be taken into account.

Insurance not given…

Insuring yourself with Tesla could however be a fake bargain. Finally, putting an electric car in the right hands remains very high. Thus, a Tesla Model 3 costs on average 300 euros more per year to ensure that a Audi A4 thermal at comparable price and level of equipment. However, with fuel prices soaring following the latest geopolitical events, insurance companies should grab the ball and promote “green” mobility.

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