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Tesla is famous for its electric cars, but interesting rumors are starting to swirl that the company may be turning to another mobility-focused product – a smartphone.

Here’s everything we know so far about the mysterious Tesla Model Pi, including whether there’s really any reason to believe Tesla is making a phone.

Will the Tesla Model Pi be released?

At the moment, as far as we can tell, the Tesla Model Pi remains in the realm of speculation. Tesla hasn’t made any announcements about a move in this area, and Elon Musk himself has tweeted that phones are “yesterday’s tech.”

This refers to the development of chips that can be implanted in the brain to then allow devices to be controlled by the electrical impulses created when we think. One of Musk’s companies, Neuralink Corporation, is already heavily involved in the development of this technology, but it will likely be a long time before the “chip” becomes a reality.

How much would the Tesla Model Pi cost?

No one has discovered a price yet, but if you consider the speculated features below, there’s a good chance it’s right at the top of the chart. Tesla doesn’t come cheap, and we don’t see that changing with a smartphone.

What features and specs might we see in the Tesla Model Pi?

OK. Hang on to your hats. With the Model Pi being something of an urban legend at the moment, the rumor mill has entered some pretty weird territory when it comes to the kind of features Tesla will introduce with its first smartphone.

Artist Anthony Rose has created some nice images that show potential design choices Tesla could make, although of course this is entirely conceptual and not based on solid schematic evidence.

Probably the most realistic of all the rumors is that of Tesla incorporating solar panels into the device to allow charging without the need for an electrical power source. That makes sense, as it would fit in with Tesla’s green-minded brand, while using solar technology the company has already developed.

Whether solar charging technology is ready to keep a phone topped up all day, especially when the phone itself spends most of its time in your pocket or bag, is of course another matter.

There are also fairly reasonable stories of the Model Pi integrating tightly with Tesla cars, allowing for better control of settings and features on the go.

Moving on to the fanciful, there are plenty of reports that the Pi model will use Starlink service provided by Musk’s SpaceX company. It’s basically fast satellite broadband that should provide coverage in many areas where 5G fears to walk. There are already satellite phones available, but they tend to be very expensive to use compared to standard LTE smartphones, so Tesla would have its work cut out to bring the Pi model to the masses.

Remember the Neuralink technology we talked about earlier? Well, many journalists are saying that the Pi model will be compatible with Brain-Machine-Interface (BMI) chips which would allow users to control their devices by thought. While it sounds incredibly interesting, if trying to get Siri to call the right person or Alexa to select the right music track, the idea of ​​a mind control phone could be a nightmare.

Finally, and craziest of all the popular rumors we’ve seen, is that Starlink technology will allow the Pi model to run on Mars. Yeah. March. Frankly, we would be more impressed if Tesla could fix it so we have a decent signal in the local cafe rather than Olympus Mons. It would be a real breakthrough.

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