Tesla Model Y recall. Suspensions to check on the electric SUV

Even if Tesla had initially planned to wait for the opening of its new German factory to offer its Model Y here, the American brand finally changed its mind. It began marketing its electric family SUV in France at the end of August 2021, almost seven months before its Berlin “gigafactory” started production. Some copies registered in France are thus affected by a recall that only applies to models manufactured between June and November 2021. The problem at the origin of this campaign is at the level of the axle stubs, also called hub carriers. On certain Model Ys, this crucial part, which connects the wheel hub to the suspension, could indeed present a non-conformity, both front and rear.

Owners normally already informed

In the most serious cases, the steering knuckles could become deformed, or even break, and affect road holding.

In the most extreme cases, the steering knuckle thus risks deforming, or even breaking, and separating from the suspension arm. The parallelism would then be modified, seriously degrading road holding. The manufacturer therefore checks and, if necessary, replaces the hub carriers free of charge. Tesla, however, specifies that it was not aware “from any collision or injury resulting therefrom”. As usual, the brand does not communicate the number of copies concerned in France. It only indicates that he is “ very weak » and that the owners were notified at the end of last year. If you haven’t received anything and are worried you may have been forgotten, an online tool is available. All you need to do is enter your identification number (VIN) to check if your Model Y needs to be checked.

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