Tesla plans to launch an autonomous robotaxi with a futuristic design

Tesla took advantage of the Cyber ​​Rodeo, an event designed as a real show around the brand’s products, to unveil a surprising project. Indeed, the manufacturer intends to launch in the coming years a robotaxi with a futuristic design, with a level 5 autonomous driving capacity.

Credits: Tesla

As you may know, Elon Musk met fans and the press this Friday, April 8, 2022 to the Tesla Cyber ​​Rodeoan event designed as a show around the brand’s current and future products. Since Texas Gigafactorynow the manufacturer’s official headquarters, the billionaire took the stage with his cowboy hat and his black Wayfarers riveted to his nose.

First, the CEO confirmed that the Cybertruck will indeed arrive in 2023. Good news for the millions of customers who have pre-ordered the beast, especially after successive release delays. The Tesla Roadster, presented in 2017, will also land in 2023! We stopped believing it would happen. As for the Tesla Semi, the brand’s autonomous electric truck, it will also go into production during the same year, 2023.

The boss of SpaceX took advantage of the show to give news about the Tesla Bot, his domestic robot. According to him, he will be endowed with the most powerful AI in the worldand it should go into production in 2023. Definitely an important year for Tesla. As a “Last but not Least” or last minute surprise if you prefer, Elon Musk unveiled a new project: a futuristically designed robotaxi that will be used in an all-new autonomous taxi service.

Elon Musk concludes the Cyber ​​Rodeo with a futuristic robotaxi

Unsurprisingly, the vehicle will benefit from the advances made by Tesla in autonomous driving. Only and unlike the brand’s current vehicles, this robotaxi would display a level 5 autonomous driving level. In other words, the robotaxi should do without any human intervention, whatever the type of journey and the traffic conditions.

No visuals or sketches to put in your mouth, even if we suspect that the robotaxi in question will more or less resemble the renderings of autonomous vehicles recently unveiled by The Boring Company, another company led by Elon Musk. Don’t wait for a possible release date either.the CEO having just contented himself with revealing the existence of the project, without further details. At least, impossible to get false hopes this time.

Source: Electrek

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