Tesla sets new sales record despite ‘difficult’ quarter

Elon Musk had announced an “exceptionally difficult” quarter and yet Tesla has just set a new record.

However, Elon Musk’s preamble announcements were not there to reassure investors. But despite a pessimistic rhetoric, Tesla’s chief executive gave the first 2022 sales numbers for the California-based electric car brand. Described as “difficult” by Musk himself, this first quarter saw the American firm sell and deliver more than 300,000 vehicles, a record figure well beyond the results of 2020 or 2021.

An “extremely difficult” record quarter

Saturday Elon Musk announced that sanitary conditions, particularly in China, had greatly affected the supply chain, which had a considerable impact on sales. In detail Tesla said it produced 305,407 vehicles and delivered 310,048 vehicles during the first quarter of this year 2022. The vast majority of vehicles produced and delivered were Model Y and Model 3, the two most popular at Tesla. The firm explains that it has delivered more than 295,000. The Model S and X ultimately only represent 15,000 sales.

While the closure of the Shanghai factory deprived the company of nearly 2,000 vehicles a day, sales still almost doubled between 2021 and 2022. Indeed, Tesla had failed to sell more than 180,000 cars in the first quarter of the previous year, a figure that was already record for the time.

A new record, but still very great difficulties

But despite a new record achieved during this first quarter, sales should continue to soar in the coming months. While the health situation is improving in China, although the factory is still closed, the Berlin Gigafactory has opened its doors. According to the brand’s plans, it could produce up to 500,000 cars a year once the facilities are used to their full potential.

While sales figures are still good, Tesla is struggling to achieve real financial profitability. It, which is one of the best listed companies in the world (far ahead of General Motors, Ford and other Volkswagen) is finding it increasingly difficult to repay its gigantic loan contracted with the American State.

While SpaceX has already admitted to being in great financial difficulty, things could therefore be very complicated, also at Tesla.

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