Tesla: the new 4680 batteries arrive on the Model Y

Announced in 2020, the 4680 cells (46 mm in diameter and 80 mm long) are larger than the current 2170. However, they have the advantage of being cheaper to produce and above all of offering better energy density.

Using these batteries would therefore make it possible to produce either a vehicle offering more autonomy for the same price, or an equivalent autonomy for a lower price – some will say “and for the manufacturer to make a greater profit for equal autonomy”.

A Model Y Standard Range AWD

Already available for employees – we will still have to wait a bit for traditional customers – the new Model Y Standard Range AWD is equipped with these new 4680 cells to offer a range of 449 km while reducing the 0 to 100 km/h ( 60 mph or 96 km/h if you want to be precise) in 5 seconds.

Some of these models would have been delivered during the “Giga Rodeo” event in Texas, at the beginning of April 2022. Regarding the novelties, in addition to the 4680 cells, it can be noted that Tesla has decided to integrate them into a structural pack in order to limit the vehicle weight and complexity. Some new finishes are also appearing, such as a magnetic central armrest and a rear parcel shelf intended to receive a few small objects.

Regarding the price, this Model Y will be offered at $59,990 (about €55,000), which represents $3,000 less than a Long Range AWD. Beyond extending the range, it is above all a question for Tesla of introducing new cells which will make it possible to contain the rise in prices, and why not to sell a vehicle even more affordable than the Model 3.

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