The best cryptocurrency to buy now and keep in your Wallet: SOL VS BNB

Solana and Binance coin market capitalization

Solana has narrowed its spread against Binance Coin sharply in recent months. However, BNB still weighs almost twice as much as Solana when it comes to market capitalization. As of April 11, 2021, Binance Coin’s capitalization was $68.5 billion, while Solana was at $36.1 billion.

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#Binance Coin $BNB VS #Solana $SOL

When comparing their one-year market cap charts, Solana shows a clear progression. Unlike the BNB whose capitalization fell by nearly 12 billion. Solana therefore shows a better margin of progress.

Solana vs Binance Coin: Blockchain Performance

It is essential to compare the block creation time and the speed of the two blockchains. BscScan estimates the average block creation time at around 3 seconds on the Smart Chain with 20 to 30 transactions per second. However, there are times when the network is highly coveted and becomes very slow. It also increases costs.

Overall, Solana is much faster at 0.61 seconds per block and 700 transactions per second. Depending on the project, Solana can handle up to 65,000 TPS without experiencing congestion issues.

Solana is therefore more scalable.

BNB vs Solana: transaction fees

Both blockchains are competitive with low transaction costs.

According to Y-Chartsthe cost of a transaction on Smart Chain is around $0.35. Solana charges 0.000005 SOL per trade, or approximately $0.0000014 based on the price of SOL on April 11.

Solana is therefore the blockchain that allows you to save money better.

Solana and Binance Coin in DeFi

The #DeFi sector is slowing down πŸ€” Its total blocked value #TVL points to ~$192B, all networks combined πŸ‘‡ πŸ†#Ethereum $ETH – $107.2B πŸ₯ˆ@terra_money $MOON – $22B πŸ₯‰#BNBChain $BNB – $11.6B $AVAX $FTM $SOL $TRX $MATIC $CRO #Arbiter

Binance Smart Chain DApps have a Total Locked Value (TVL) of $13.5 billion, MA Pancake Swap being the most popular of its DApps.

Solana’s TVL is $6.95 billion. The staking protocol is the DApp with the most TVL with $792 million as of April 11.

The ecosystem of BNB is certainly more complete and more liquid, but the SOL presents a better room for growth. Simultaneous exposure to its 2 cryptocurrencies may therefore be relevant.

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