the French ready to defraud!

According to a recent study, more than one in three French people would be ready to defraud their insurance, in order to reduce expenses or be better covered.

Auto insurance is always a tricky subject for motorists. First, because many of them do not quite know how it works, both in terms of the bonus-malus and the compensation. But also because it is very expensive, with dues going from simple to double for certain categories of drivers, including the youngest. So many reasons that could explain the resurgence of motorists driving every day without insurance. And while prices continue to rise, more and more French people are tempted to cheat. In any case, this is revealed by a recent study carried out by the comparator LeLynx and the YouGov institute.

A rising trend

According to this survey, it would be no less than one in three French people who would be ready to cheat on his insurance, or about 38%. In addition, one in five insured has already taken action, compared to only 11% last year. A figure in net increase therefore, which is explained by many reasons, and in particular financial. According to the study, 35% of fraudsters justify their act by the desire to avoid a penalty or to increase their contribution. For 29% of them, it was mainly to benefit from better compensation following a claim. Overall, young people are more likely to do so, unlike older drivers.

big risks

However, defrauding your insurance is obviously not without danger. Indeed, if your company comes to learn of it, you risk not being covered for the sinister, but also the termination, making it complicated to take out another insurance. Moreover, this type of scam can also have criminal consequences, since you will incur a five-year prison sentence and a fine of €375,000.

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