the good plan of group purchases

The movement of grouped purchases started in the field of energy: to reduce costs, consumer associations set up pre-subscription operations for a contract. The objective was to bring together as many consumers as possible to then negotiate the best contract (quality/price ratio) with an energy supplier, following a call for tenders.

This practice is now spreading to the insurance sector, but, unlike the energy sector, where the contracts are open to everyone, the beneficiaries sometimes have a predefined profile: seniors, low-income families, etc. that the municipalities massively invest the sector of grouped purchases in health insurance, to allow their constituents to benefit from mutual insurance at a lower cost.

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Contrary to what some might think, these insurance contracts negotiated in group purchase – often the cheapest on the market – are not the least provided with guarantees.

“The idea is to negotiate new offers, both in terms of price and guarantees and quality of service, explains Luka Payras, head of insurance at Selectra. Thanks to the strength of numbers, we can obtain protective contracts at competitive prices compared to the basic contracts taken out individually. During the call for tenders, our specifications are clear: accessible prices, transparent contracts (deductibles, ceilings, exclusions of guarantees), customer service and management service available, multi-channel and reliable. »

Bed bug guarantee

Contracts with too many exclusions, sometimes irritating, are eliminated automatically: for example, there is no question of accepting a housing contract which would refuse to use the theft guarantee for too wide a space between the bars of a window!

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The Families of France association was one of the first to offer its members a health insurance contract “in bundle”. “Normally, the price of a contract varies according to age and region of residence, explains Arnaud Delpierre, Managing Director of Dékuple Assurance, whose contract was selected. There, we pooled by creating only three different tariffs for working people, retirees and students, regardless of their age and address. The three packages offered are also pooled in terms of guarantees: no over-reimbursement on glasses or dental care, for example, but different levels of comfort. »

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