The Google Local Pack becomes interactive in the results

This is news that establishments should greatly appreciate. After several months of waiting, Google has finally implemented in the results of its search engine a update of its local pack.

Another argument regarding natural referenceto help businesses take advantage of the flagship search engine.

What is Google’s local pack?

If this term is well known by seasoned SEOs, it is less so for local businesses who manage their visibility on the web on their own! Specifically, what is called “local package” is the Google Maps insert that appears in a natural Google search result.

This appears automatically, from the moment you specify a location in your query, or if Google deems it relevant to suggest companies near your search location. In this Google Maps insertGoogle offers to see on a map the locations of the various businesses nearby.

A feature that completes and upgrades the Local SEO in order to better benefit from its referencing on Google.

How to appear in the “local pack”?

To appear in this insert, which offers significant visibility to local businesses and organisations, it is first of all essential to have a business listing on google. called formerly Google My Businessthis feature allows companies to provide more information about their activity (address, photos, products for sale, etc.).

Nevertheless, the appearance in the first results of a search depends mainly on the keywords entered by Internet users, and other factors taken into account by Google. However, they are not known and Google does not communicate on them, which is normal with regard to the operation of its algorithms.

As is the case for those of its classic search engine, the company will not communicate on how it ranks the results of his Local Pack. You want to be in first position on Google ? we will have to test, optimize, produce content and follow the evolutions in the results.

The local pack now becomes interactive!

As usual, Google has not communicated at all on this update. It is Allie Margesona Canadian SEO from the Whitespark agency, who noticed this update and wrote about it on February 25, 2022 on her blog. From now on, when a user searches on Google, and sees this insert, it will be interactive.

The least we can say is that Google was able to integrate this functionality brilliantly, because it seems quite obvious today. The Google Maps map that we could see in the past, was managed like an image by the search engine. By clicking on it, the user was thus redirected to a new page, on which the Google Maps interface was accessible.

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As Allie Margeson, who posted all the latest “local pack” updates on her blog, points out, the latest google update made this block fully interactive. Thus, users can now:

  • Place their mouse over a place to display its name, its rating, and access its file in one click.
  • Zoom in or out on the map.
  • Move the map to view other local results.

All without having to leave the Google search results page! In this way, the search engine intends to further improve its user experience.

What are the impacts of this update?

Although it is still too early to draw conclusions on this local pack updatea detailed analysis of certain details allows us to understand how the algorithm of this insert works. Indeed, by highlighting the reviews directly in this insert, one would think that Google gives more weight to this information in its algorithm.

Furthermore, it is also noted that Google gives more visibility to local businesses : even if the displayed list is always limited to 3 results, the Google Maps insert can display more.

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