The Google Pixel 6a and Pixel 7 Pro are revealed in new images

The more affordable version of the latest Pixel 6 should not arrive before the summer, and the next premium model from Google is not expected before the fall… But these two smartphones are already making a lot of noise! And they both pointed the tip of the nose recently in new visuals on the Web.

It has become difficult for smartphone manufacturers to keep their new products secret. Too impatient, the Web indeed reveals all the characteristics and even the design of the future flagship models, months before their officialization. While there is of course food and drink in the incessant rumours, the information provided by so-called leakers generally gives a good idea of ​​what to expect. Among the biggest brands, Google is no exception to this little game. Evidenced by recent indiscretions concerning its two expected next models: the Pixel 6a and the Pixel 7 Pro.

A sober color for the Pixel 6a?

The first should be presented in a few months, more specifically during the summer. Because the Pixel 6a would be none other than the more affordable version of the Pixel 6s that arrived on the market last fall, and its predecessors, the Pixel 5a (marketed only in the United States) and Pixel 4a, had been unveiled in the month of august. No wonder then that four months before its release, a priori, this smartphone is the subject of many rumors. Its appearance last month in a benchmark suggests that the Pixel 6a should benefit from the same Google Tensor chip as its big brothers. And while the renowned leaker OnLeaks has already unveiled visuals to show what it could look like, now a new image circulating on the Internet for a few days seems to confirm its design…

This time, it’s not a conceptual rendering, but an authentic (?) photo. It comes to us from a site called TechXinewho claims to have got his hands on the official packaging of the future Google Pixel 6a. On the picture in question, we can see what seems to be the box of the device, still in plastic. Note that the information is to be taken with tweezers, and that it could just as well be a trick… But as noted Phonandroidit has already happened that such a box stamped Google appeared several months before the formalization of the product it was to contain. And after all, the design of the Pixel 6a thus revealed by this recent photo is not surprising… With its camera module taking the form of a wide strip on the back of the smartphone, and a still very sober look, it looks like two drops of water to Pixel 6. With one detail: according to this image, the more affordable model would not be two-tone, but all dressed in black.

A pastel blue Pixel 7 Pro?

Now let’s move on to the Google Pixel 7 Pro. This one, like the Pixel 7, is not expected before next fall, the time traditionally chosen by the American giant to unveil its new flagships. While, once again, the leaker OnLeaks had already presented conceptual visuals of the two future smartphones last February, the Pro model has recently been talked about again with the appearance of a new rendering on the Web. This time, it is an individual calling himself Shadow Leak on social networks who is at work. If the design remains similar to that of its predecessor, it is also at the level of color that the Pixel 7 Pro could, according to him, stand out. And not just a little… While, as a reminder, the Pixel 6 Pro is only offered in a carbon black shade, here we discover a pastel blue smartphone, and that changes everything! In particular at the level of the photo module, the clear band making the three sensors stand out more, which immediately gives another look to the device.

The so-called Shadow Leak recalls in passing that this Pixel 7 Pro currently bears the code name “Panther” within the Mountain View firm, as previously revealed by the specialized site 9to5Google. Just as it should be equipped with the second generation of the Google Tensor chip, logical, that it should run on Android 13, logical too, and that it would have an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which was already the case with the Pixel 6 Pro, so still logical. It remains to be seen whether the American manufacturer, rather known for its sobriety, will dare such a dapper color…

Sources: Phonandroid, TechXine

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