the largest factory in the world!

This extreme factory leads directly to an innovative future. In addition to cars, it creates batteries, and influences the use of renewable energies. This gigafactory of 300 ha is located about thirty kilometers southeast of Berlin.

You’re here ? We immediately think of futuristic cars! The famous electric car manufacturer, founded in 2003, aims to democratize sustainable energy. The brand is now the most valuable American automaker, with more than $86 billion.

Gigafactory Tesla in Berlin was born after many adventures!

Last March, the Gigafactory in Berlin was inauguratedwith German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Brand Chairman Elon Musk. She finally saw the light of day after many “battles”. Indeed, the project has generated lawsuits as well as rivalries. Many have come forward against this project, fearing that the giga-factory would have harmful ecological and environmental impacts. on the region. The project was officially announced in 2019 and construction did not finally begin until 2020. The plant is expected to produce more than 500,000 cars per year.

Visit inside the German Tesla Gigafactory

Thanks to a drone, a virtual tour of the Gigafactory has been shared everywhere lately by Tesla. The video has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube. It is clear that the brand wants to make the public understand that it is able to carry out the most disproportionate projects. The intelligence and automation of robots leave viewers speechless. An absolutely impressive video!

Check out the tour of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin below:

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