The Model 3 and Model Y delivered in Europe will be deprived of radars

Elon Musk has never hidden his preference for cameras when it comes to Autopilot. The intelligence of Tesla cars is based exclusively on vision, not on radar. And this will also be the case on European models from this month of April.

Tesla is one of the few automakers to bet everything on cameras to power the autonomous driving functions of its vehicles. The majority of the competition prefers to use radars, which are more precise and which are not afraid of difficult weather conditions.

Tesla prefers cameras

But Tesla believes that the cameras are sufficient to give the on-board computer all the information necessary for the Autopilot function, via Tesla Vision technology. And that’s what prompted the manufacturer to simply remove the radars in the American Model 3 and Model Y last year. It is now the turn of the European versions.

The company explains that from the month of April, the Model 3 and Model Y delivered in Europe and the Middle East will be devoid of radar. The functions of Autopilot and FSD (Full-Self Driving) will now only rely on the cameras and the artificial intelligence of the car’s computer!

The following features are standard and available as standard on vehicles equipped with radar or Tesla Vision. Credit: Tesla.

The manufacturer specifies that during the transition period, certain functions of vehicles equipped with Tesla Vision will be restricted or deactivated. The minimum following distance will be greater, and the maximum speed of the heading assistance will not exceed 130 km/h, which will not be a problem in France where the speed is limited to 130 km anyway /h on highways.

Motorists will have to wait for the next software update to override the limitations imposed on these features (it had to wait a month in the United States). Tesla also indicates that the switch to its vision technology has no impact on safety compliance with European legislation.

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