the Model S Plaid breaks a new speed record at more than 347 km/h

In theory, the maximum speed of a Model S in its Plaid version is 322 km/h. But it is possible to go slightly faster…

New record ! A Tesla Model S Plaid was measured at 216 miles/h, or exactly 347.6 km/h. With its three engines and its combined power of 1,034 hp, Tesla’s sports sedan is one of the queens of speed, but until today it had never displayed such a peak. However, she still holds the world acceleration record. If we stick to its technical sheet, the V-max of the Model S Plaid is 322 km / h, and the marketed version is even limited to 175 m / h, or 282 km / h “only” . To reach the maximum capacity of the vehicle, it is necessary to activate the “Track mode”, an option specific to the Plaid, designed for racing and downloadable via the OS of the car.

How could this Tesla exceed its own limits? It is actually a sleight of hand signed Ingenext, a Canadian company renowned for the quality of its electronic boxes and which has decided to dig into the bowels of the Model S Plaid. The company does not explain in detail how it was able to circumvent certain software barriers of the car (to avoid giving bad ideas), but it confides that it was necessary to adapt the tires and the brakes so that they can support higher speed. Two pairs of Michelin Pilot Super Sport fitted the wheels, as for braking, it was provided by Mountainpass Performance.

A box soon to be marketed?

This is how this slightly improved Model S Plaid was able to express its full potential on the runway at Trois-Rivières airport in Quebec. The video, which accompanies the feat, shows the counter gradually rising to 216 mph before falling. It is interesting to note that the counter turns red when approaching maximum speed, but also that this feat was achieved without activating “Track mode”. In other words, Ingenext could use the same means as the manufacturer’s racing mode, but going even further.

Of course, the objective of such a demonstration is often commercial. Thus, Ingenext was quick to let it be known that it was planning to market its performance box. For those who could not settle for a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds, they will have to find a track, suitable rubbers and better brakes than those chosen by the Canadians. Indeed, according to our colleagues fromElectrekthe last kilometer of track planned for braking was almost too short.

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