the new Texas Gigafactory is open

The opening of this brand new Gigafactory in Austin “a decisive step in the future of Tesla” according to Elon Musk, present for the inauguration. The boss of Tesla took advantage of this moment to give more details on the marketing of the Cybertruck.

Production of the Cybertruck will start in 2023

The new Gigafactory in Texas is officially open and it was a real American show. This moment was eagerly awaited by the teams at Tesla (whose headquarters have also moved to Austin) who were starting to have trouble keeping up with the orders, with the only factory in Fremont, California, on American soil. The opening of this new factory is expected to boost Tesla’s production capacity in the United States, which has long been limited by space constraints. In 2022, the American manufacturer plans to manufacture 1.5 million vehiclescompared to 1 million in 2021.

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This new Gigafactory will be the site where, from 2023, Tesla will manufacture its Cybertruck. Elon Musk took advantage of this event to announce the upcoming marketing of this highly anticipated vehicle. Since its reveal in 2019, the Cybertruck has undergone a few minor changes, including the addition of a unique windshield wiper, folding mirrors and invisible door handles. The vehicle will be able to recognize its driver when they approach the vehicle, and pull out the handles at that time. In Austin, Tesla also plans to manufacture Model Ys and Model 3s. They will be destined for the East Coast of the United States.

A release date for the Optimus robot

According to Musk, the Gigafactory in Texas will be the one with the highest production rate. The boss of Tesla also spoke about the future of his company and clarified that more plants will be manufactured in the next few yearsbecause he thinks that “manufacturing a vehicle close to its place of delivery is much more respectful of the environment”. Elon Musk specified that this year 2022 would be that of mass production, “on a scale that no company has ever reached in the history of mankind” and that 2023 would see a “massive wave of new products landing”.

Finally, the billionaire also gave some details on the imminent release of his Optimus robot. It could be marketed as early as next year according to Elon Musk. Besides, this year Elon Musk seems to be totally obsessed with the development of his robots. In the fall, at a Tesla earnings conference, he told investors that his fledgling robot projects had, eventually, “the potential to be bigger than the automotive business”. These robots are supposed to support all “The Dirty Works of Humanity”.

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