The NFT of the first tweet again on sale almost 50 million dollars

The NFT of the first tweet in the story caused a stir last March, when non-fungible tokens had yet to grow to the momentum they have today. The buyer wants to resell it… 17 times more expensive!

Last March, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter (and CEO at the time) put his first tweet up for sale, which is also the very first tweet in the history of the social network. But not in any form: Dorsey, one of the biggest supporters of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, of course auctioned it off as NFT!

Half donated to an NGO

The success was resounding: the NFT sold for 2.9 million dollars, money entirely donated to a charity organization in favor of Africa. A few days ago, the owner of the NFT announced its intention to resell the token on OpenSea. Sina Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle, is asking for nearly 15,000 Ether, or nearly 49 million dollars.

The operation should be crowned with success, in view of the explosion of the NFT market which is sailing in unrealistic spheres, supported by investors who sometimes buy just about anything, when curious people honestly interested in the phenomenon risk be fooled…

Sina Estavi announced that half of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to an NGO which distributes money to poor households. And why not 99% of the sum, Jack Dorsey asked him in a tweet?

The buyer did not disassemble and explained to the ex-boss of Twitter that he does not intend to keep the approximately 25 million for himself. He plans to invest in his company’s blockchain projects and help his loved ones. Nevertheless, “ if you want, I could donate 100% of the sum to charities “. Dorsey didn’t respond, but the suggestion isn’t bad.

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