The Tesla Cybertruck will arrive on American roads as early as 2023

On the occasion of the opening of the Gigafactory in Texas, the final Tesla Cybertruck has appeared and promises an imminent arrival.

Shortly after the inauguration of the Gigafactory in Berlin, Elon Musk cut the cord of the new factory in Austin, in the land of the cowboys. It is therefore decked out in a farmer’s hat on his head that Elon Musk led his Texan sound and light show to present the future of the brand, and the almost final version of the Tesla Cybertruck.

After arriving on stage aboard a first-generation Tesla Roadster against a backdrop of Still Dre, Elon Musk presented his new facilities, which will notably produce the Cybertruck. An opportunity to take stock of the brand’s long-awaited electric pick-up with its futuristic look.

Minor cosmetic tweaks to the Tesla Cybertruck

But although its design was to evolve, the utility adopts a slightly less conceptual style in its hypothetical production version. As anticipated, the Tesla Cybetruck embeds regulatory equipment such as the gigantic front wiper or the surprising XXL format mirrors.

But the utility will retain a sleek body, without door handles, the only novelty mentioned by Elon Musk. The latter, however, indicated after a short presentation that the Tesla Cybertruck will enter production soon with deliveries expected from 2023, more than three years after its sensational presentation.

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