The two bankers had amassed a loot through an insurance scam

It is an extremely well-established scam that Le Dauphiné reports on Thursday, April 7. Two bank employees, friends, set up a high-level scam between December 2016 and September 2021 in Grenoble. The first, 33 years old and at the origin of the idea, would have stolen 110,000 euros, while the damage incumbent on the second would be 54,000 euros. The scheme is clear. Thanks to their job and their function in a banking establishment, they declared false thefts of goods to then be reimbursed thanks to the accounts of foreign students who left France. The case began when the main suspect had her purse stolen – really this time – and filed a complaint. The insurance reimbursed her the amount due, but the latter reused the documents to set up her fraudulent scheme.

The two women took over the names and accounts of these foreign students, which they said they had closed, and changed the necessary information, such as the dates. The refunds then passed through these accounts, before returning them to theirs. They had eighteen in eight different banks according to Le Dauphiné. The 33-year-old woman shared the tip with her friend to then work in harmony. Until the day when an insurance company sniffed out the scam: all the complaints bore the same name of the policewoman, the same procedure number, the same signature and the same bank details.

All these oddities led to the opening of an investigation by the Grenoble prosecutor’s office in 2019. False invoices were also published. For the main instigator, accused of forgery and use of forgery, her apartment and branded personal effects were seized. For his accomplice, who was able to obtain a loan to build a house, it was his car, a food processor or even luxury bags that were frozen because of these misdeeds. The criminal court must decide next December. Two other women, paid for allowing the money to pass through their account, will also appear.

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